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 Buy, Sell, Trade! 


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The Swapz app is coming to the app and Google play store in May 2022. Download it for free and start trading, buying, or selling your wardrobe.

What We Do...

Swapz is an app by the customer for the customer! We sought out to create the best app for users to cop new sneakers and streetwear. Now with Swapz, you can buy sell, and, most importantly, trade shoes, apparel, accessories, and trading cards. We assume the risk for you, every item is verified at our facility. We also have the lowest seller fees out of any resell platform. 

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Trade? What?

Ever had a pair of old jordans you don't like to wear anymore? Copped the wrong size of the new Yeezys? Or, just wanted to trade in your kicks to get to finally get those Nike dunks you've wanted? With Swapz, this is now possible and it's easy. Whether it's new or used Swapz lets you trade anything!

Wait, What Exactly is a "Trade"

I know it's a little confusing let me explain. Swapz allows users to trade with people from all over the United States. A trade is an agreement between users to swap (hence the name) their item posted through Swapz. Swapz acts like a middle man for your transaction to ensure a safe and smooth transaction.

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What type of Trade can I do?


There are a lot of different trade options on Swapz, here are just a few:

  • Sneaker for sneaker

  • Sneaker + sneaker for sneaker

  • Sneaker + clothing for accessories 

  • Sneaker for trading card

  • clothing + cash for sneaker

and more, there are so many options. You can trade up to five items! Also, you can just buy like normal!

Find out more on the "Our Process" page

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